Vlingo Android App Now Lets You Check-in to FourSquare via Voice

Are you a heavy Foursquare user? I mean, can’t you live without checking-in to Foursquare everytime you arrive at a certain place? How does checking-in to Foursquare by simply saying, well “check-in to name of place” sounds? Well, surprisingly, you can now do this using Vlingo Voice Android app. It was quite a surprise really. Vlingo and Foursquare teaming up to make the otherwise “boring” task of FourSquare check-in a little bit exciting and easier. To check-in to FourSquare using your voice, you need to download the Vlingo Android app which is available as a free download from the Android Market. Once you have the app installed and you arrive at a certain place where you want to check in, you simply tap on the “tap & speak” button on the Vlingo Android app main screen and speak out the words – “check in name of place.” Then the app will do its thing and check you in to the place via FourSquare. Just make that before doing this, you’ve already setup your FourSquare account on the Vlingo Settings option. Try it out. It’s pretty cool and fun. Although I’m not particularly sure whether you would use it to check in a place when you are in a group. Unless of course you don’t mind the attention and stare that you might get from the people you are with. But if you’re all alone, why not? It’s easier than using your fingers to check-in, right?

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