Want Comforting Lies Instead of Hard Truth? Google’s AI Assistant Has You Covered

Speaking of dystopian developments lately, Goggle’s AI assistant can now give you good-comforting news on demand, provided you live in the United States.  If you need something happy, as in positive, in your life, and you’re sick of reading depressing news-headlines, Google’s AI assistant has you covered. Basically, if you don’t want to realize how bad things are, Google will soothe your soul with comforting lies.

I don’t know how else to put it, really. There are wars, genocide, child sex slave rings in the UK? Okay Google, tell me something about cute puppies, so I can be shielded from reality. This is like the real life digital extension of first world problems when you really think about. And the problem is that people are becoming increasingly impotent, intellectually speaking. Whether they’re hormonally or chemically challenged or whatever, it’s just something wrong with a lot of folks nowadays, as they just can’t stand the concept of being challenged on anything. The idea that someone challenges their beliefs simply enrages them, and it’s mostly an impotent rage, in the most literal sense.

If something challenges one’s shitty world-view of “everything should be fine, I am entitled to X, Y, Z”, this makes them sad, so they now need a robot to tell them something nice. Why don’t just get a cat, like a normal person would do? This is very close to a brave new world: just take this pill citizen, it will make you happy. Everybody’s doped up on anti depressants anyway nowadays. And now we have a HAL 9000 whispering in you ear: don’t worry, everything is okay.

For any thinking, rational individual, this is simply creepy. What’s next? Google, tell me something dirty, and the AI will start to play random pictures of people on Instagram Google is going to develop that any day. It will be definitely an instant hit.

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