Want to own your own Android Game? Check out Apptopia

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 2 years of dealing with Android games and apps it’s the fact that everyone wants to make some money and hit it big. Actually making your own Android game is becoming easier thanks to some handy new programs, but it’s not easy to make a “good” game. One good way to get into the app game is through buying them outright and there’s only one site that let’s you do that… Apptopia. Apptopia is a marketplace for mobile apps where developers can list their wares and you can buy them. You may be wondering, “Why would someone sell an app that they put a lot of time into?” which is a valid question. Making an app or game is only half of it as you have to have the money, means, and know how to market it once it’s finished. Sometimes developers don’t have the resources to continue a game’s development while other times they just want to sell as they’ve moved onto other project. There are many reasons people want to sell apps and Apptopia is the best place to do so if you’re a dev wanting to sell.

If you’re a buyer Apptopia has a nice selection of games and applications for both Android and iPhone. The website is setup to make finding the perfect app easy as there are sliders that let you sort by price, monthly downloads, and monthly revenue. You can also search by free or paid apps or just browse by category. At the time of this writing, there around 120 games and close to 200 apps for sale on Apptopia. The prices vary from one app to the next with the lowest prices being a flat $500 which is the minimum amount. Overall Apptopia is a cool site that’s very easy to navigate and has plenty to offer if you want to get into owning your own game or app. I’ve been monitoring the site for awhile now and have seen several games and apps go for large amounts while others surprise me by how little the developer is asking for their creation. Either way, if you have a game you’re thinking about selling Apptopia is for you, and if you’re itching to actually “own” your own game Apptopia can take care of that as well. Hit the link below to check them out and be prepared to kill a few hours digging though the games and apps as there’s quite a bit to take in.


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