Wayout releases the Actual Movie Trailers App for Android

I love watching Movie Trailers just as much as the next Movie fanatic, but watching them on the mobile can be painful at times. The Actual Movie Trailers App from Wayout looks to change that though as it makes watching the hottest movie trailers as simple as sliding your finger across the screen. A lot of folks check out trailers on YouTube or by simply browsing the web. This usually isn’t the best way to go as nowadays everyone likes to throw advertisements in before the trailer starts. Sure you can skip most of them after 5 seconds, but who wants to sit through an Insurance commercial before watching the trailer for Pacific Rim or Oblivion? That’s where the Actual Movie Trailer App comes into play as it lets you watch trailers without ads or clips. You don’t need an external video player installed either, and all the trailers are in HD. Navigating the trailers is a breeze as you simply need to swipe to scroll through the releases and the app is hooked into all the latest trailers from October of last year until the present. The Actual Movie Trailers App is well made and a great way to browse current trailers for upcoming movies. It’s a bit of a bare bones app and I mean that in the nicest way possible, as some of us really just want to watch trailers and not share them or like them on Facebook. It’s nice to see something simple for a change. The free version of the app is ad-supported with a small ad on the top of the screen; it doesn’t interfere with the watching trailers though so no worries. If you want want the app sans ads you can pick up the Pro version for $1.99. Both versions of Wayout’s Actual Movie Trailer app are available on Google Play.

Actual Movie Trailers


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