Weekend Chill Out: Best Smartphone Commercials of All Time

Another week has come to pass, and I’ve decided to have some fun, hence here are some of the best smartphone commercials of all time. To begin with, since we’re an Android related website, here’s an add from 2009, the year of the Droid so to speak. Back in 2009, Google, Verizon and Motorola joined forces and teamed up to promote their first smartphone running on Android from their now-famous “Droid” series.

Yes, it’s the Motorola Droid commercial, and it features a robot which looks eerily similar to a Terminator model. Check it out:

This commercial is as cool as it gets in my view, as it depicts the smartphone as something arrived from the future, or something along these lines. Next, it’s Samsung’s turn to make history, via their Samsung Galaxy S3 jingle, which reads: next big thing  is already here”. Very inspired words and a damn’ good droid that was.

As you can see, this hilarious add makes fun of Apple’s iPhone 4s launch from the previous year, as it depicts Apple fanboys lining up in front of Apple stores. You know, that used to be the normal for Apple launching a new product. Not anymore. This commercial showed both the advantages of using a droid, and the disadvantages of the iPhone, showing the world there’s a new kid on the block ready to kick Apple’s ass.

Next in line is the Nokia Lumia 900 commercial, featuring Saturday Night Live Chris Parnell, an ad trying to instill the idea that Windows Phone is a thing. They failed miserably at that, Microsoft that is, but the ad is pretty good. Check it out:

I saved the best for last. Again, this is a Nokia 920 commercial from 2013, which makes for one of the most hilarious put-downs of both Samsung and Apple, 2 for the price of 1. Unfortunately, Microsoft-Nokia ads from that “era” failed to show the public the features of their new smartphones. Check it out, as this is one of the Best Smartphone Commercials of all time:

This concludes our broadcast for today. If you enjoyed Best Smartphone Commercials, let us know in the dedicated section below.

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