What makes your mobile device the perfect casino companion?

Mobile casinos have been rapidly replacing physical ones for the past few years. One might say that this is because we consume everything on mobile nowadays, which is true, but there are a few other contributing factors to this transformation. We set out to find the 3 main reasons why playing the slots on your mobile makes the most sense. Read it and spin it!

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Because it’s…mobile

 Taking your favorite lucky slots with you wherever you go is a major plus. Instead of driving or catching a plane all the way to Vegas and spending days focusing only on your bets, you can stick with your usual schedule and have the casino adjust to you, not the other way around. The mobile casino experience brings with it a lot of flexibility, and who doesn’t love that?

Getting all touchy-feely

Before there were mobile casino apps, we enjoyed playing remote versions of slot machine via websites. But websites lack the instant touch that is available on, well, touchscreen. The tactile capabilities of mobile devices are a wonderful addition and tapping or swiping gives the needed physical element that casino fans might miss when going online. Can you feel the win? Yeah you can.

The social experience

The mobile revolution goes hand in hand with the social networks era, which is also evident in the type of gaming apps people enjoy. You can make new friends on the casino floor, but only if you enjoy playing table games such as poker. Slot machine fans might find it a bit more difficult to create a truly social experience, which is not at all a problem when switching to the mobile version. Many mobile apps include social aspects in their games. The leading mobile casino of 88 Fortunes, for example, includes live tournaments as part of its regular features, and also has a strong online community on Facebook and Instagram, where players can interact with one another.

If you enjoy playing (and winning!) slot machines, but have yet to try a social gaming app, you can give it a go for free, just a few minutes at a time. We would love to hear from the biggest casino fans out there how your first mobile gaming experience went and what you enjoy most while playing these apps.

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