What to Do When You Drop Your Phone in Water – Simple Guide

In most cases when you drop your phone in water, it is very normal that the first thing you do is panic. After the initial shock, you will then go and quickly remove it from water.

Surely we feel your pain and you might be wondering how you are going to fix it. And what must be hurting you the most is that you won’t be able to play slots online for real money. Hence you are thinking of forking out money to get your mobile phones fixed. Well, there are some tips that we want to share with that will make your phone start functioning well.

Quickly before your phones drown even more in water. Let’s highlight some of the simple tips you can put into practice and rescue it.

Allow it to Dry for a Long time

We know and understand that you want your phone to get fixed promptly so that you will be able to know how to sport bet Well, in this case, you just need to be very patient. Allow your phone to dry for about forty-eight hours and that the minimum timeframe whereas waiting a little bit longer is actually better for a permanent solution.

Whilst drying it avoid moving it or shaking it this is because you don’t want to shake the water into previously dry spaces. You should dry it with the USB port facing down so that the remaining water will drain out of the phone quickly.

Leave the Phone in a Bag of Drying Agents

This is one of the cheapest phone serving strategy that most people share. Drop your wet phone into a bag full of dried rice. Seal it up and allow it to sit for 24 to 36 hours. This method is actually efficient especially when the phone is wrapped in a paper towel when dry rice absorbs the liquid. Well, do this and in no time you will be back on playing online casino games and win real money.


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