What’s left for Samsung to announce at its Premiere 2013 event?

Samsung Premiere 2013

On June 20th, Samsung will host its “Premiere 2013” event in London, where it is expected to reveal new Galaxy and ATIV devices. This is certainly exciting news, save for one problem, Samsung doesn’t seem to have much left to announce on the Android front.

When we first caught wind of the event, it seemed obvious that we would see the Galaxy S4’s brothers become official, namely the Galaxy S4 Mini, Galaxy S4 Active and S4 Zoom. With today’s S4 Zoom announcement, all of these devices are now official ahead of Premiere 2013.

So what’s left for announcing? We can’t say with 100%-certainty what all we might see revealed at the Premiere, but let’s take a look at just a few possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

The S4 Zoom was just announced, so would it make sense to launch the next-gen Galaxy Camera right now? Whether it makes sense or not, we can pretty much say for sure that this one is coming.

In a recent Korea Times article, it is reported that Samsung’s JK Shin has confirmed that the next Galaxy Camera will in fact be unveiled in London on the 20th.

Other than we know it is coming, we can’t say for sure what might be different in the next-gen camera, though past rumors have suggested the camera will see an upgrade to a 20.2MP shooter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It would be pretty awesome (unless you just bought a Note 2) if the Note 3 saw an early debut, but how likely is it? If you were to ask me a month ago, I would have said there is no way in hell we’ll see it on June 20th. Now that the Galaxy S4 variants are official, it is certainly at least a small possibility.

In the past, the Note phone series has pretty much been synonymous with IFA in September, but there is no rule saying Samsung can’t break from tradition.

Have we seen any evidence (or even rumors) that Samsung is planning an earlier launch for the Note 3? Actually, yes we have. Just last month we reported on a rumor suggesting the Note 3 would launch early, with a suggested July or August timeframe.

We have also recently spotted an alleged Note 3 prototype and there is further rumors suggesting the phone is already shipping in low quantities for “R&D”.

I would certainly not get your hopes up too much, but let’s just say that a Note 3 reveal at Premiere 2013 isn’t completely outlandish.

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