Zombie Mayhem with The Dead: Chapter One for Android

A new first-person shooter dropped this week called The Dead: Chapter One, and if you didn’t figure it out by the title, the game involves Zombies. We got a great Zombie game earlier in the week with DOA, and when I saw the screens for The Dead I was psyched as it looked like we were going to have another great Zombie game. After spending some time with the game my opinion changed a little about the game and how it stacks up against similar Zombie shooters. The premise The Dead: Chapter One is that you’re stuck in a cabin trying to defend your family against wave after wave of the undead. You start out with a pistol, some ammo and a wide open cabin. The zombies come in through the doors and while the cabin gives you room to run, there really isn’t anywhere to hide as most rooms have multiple entrances. You’re definitely not can’t stand around in the game or you’ll quickly turn into zombie food. You’re character is controlled with two virtual joysticks; one for moving your character around and the other does your aiming. While most games have the same setup I had a lot of trouble aiming in the game. All the controls are adjustable and while I did manage to make the aiming better, I never got it perfect and usually ended up as food after a few waves. There’s no fire button either and you’ll tap the look/aim button to fire; it’s a bit odd. First off, the game looks great! The zombies are detailed, the house is detailed and everything looks awesome. As mentioned, the controls are a little rough but still operable; they could definitely use a little fine tuning though. The game also boasts multiple weapons and boss battles, but I’m unsure of how many on either one of those. The Dead: Chapter One is definitely a cool game and one you should definitely check out if you’re a Zombie fan.

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