A Review of Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat for Android


Feelingtouch Inc. has been on a roll lately dropping 5 new games already this year, and their newest game Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat is a follow up to last year’s shooter Eagle Nest – shooting!! I never played the old game, but as a fan of shooters I was looking forward to trying the new one as I do like a good shooter. The question is, is Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat a “good” shooter or just another mediocre one?


When I first fired up the game I was quickly… disappointed. You get smacked with an ad across the top, a TV running an ad for another game on the side and a “more” tab at the top. After being assaulted by the ads you can set your profile (which you can’t seem to change later) and get down to business. The usual on-screen controls are present with the firing & reload buttons along with the score/life gauge. Shooting is done by simply dragging your weapons around the screen to aim with one finger and tapping the fire button with another.


Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat has 4 different stages that let you shoot at paper targets, ducks, clay pigeons, and enemy troopers that fire back. Everything seems to be unlocked from the jump, but each level does have a “goalscore” although I’m not sure what you get if you hit it. There is a gunshop that has a whopping total of 5 weapons that can be bought with money earned in the game or with gold earned by downloading other apps. You can adjust the vibration, music, and sound effects but that’s it in the options department and there are no real extras to speak of.


Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat could have been a great shooter, but a few kind things kind of killed the game for me. First off, it’s a short game that has a “rushed” feel with only 4 stages and 5 weapons. There are other short shooters like this one out there, but usually they have more weapons or some sort of “WOW” factor. The controls also seemed off at times and saying the ammo count is off is putting it mildly as it’s like you lose a bullet icon/ammo every 2-5 shots or something. It’s not the worst shooter I’ve played by any means, but the word mediocre unfortunately fits the game to a tee. If you still want to give it a a go you can find Eagle Nest: Modern War Combat for free in the market.


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