A Review of RopeBot for Android


In my never ending quest to find cool new Android games I recently stumbled on a quirky little game called RopeBot from Tapps – Top apps and games. If you couldn’t tell by the title, the game involves a robot with a penchant for swinging on ropes.


Swinging your little RopeBot through the stages is done in an interesting way; you’ll start each level swinging from a rope and can press the flashing demagnetized area to release your rope. Re-connecting a rope is done by tapping a bar which is where you can get the swinging action going. You can release/reattach as many times as you want which comes in handy when you need to reposition yourself for a big swing. You can gain momentum or change direction in one of three setups; auto, arrow buttons, or swiping. Another fun adjustment is the switch for Turbo mode which adds a little extra pep to all your swings.


The goal of each level is to pick up the glowing gold bolts and make it to the glowing white cog at the end. Your score is totaled by how fast you go and the number of ropes used. Getting through the levels will be dangerous as you’ll have to watch out for electrified bars and you falling of course, but you will get some help along with way in the form of bouncing blocks and speed blocks. As for the level count,  RopeBot gives gamers 45 levels spanning 3 worlds with another world listed as coming soon. No high scores or achievements yet, so all you Openfeint junkies are out of luck in that area.


From the first time I took a bit swing I knew I’d like RopeBot. The gameplay mechanic is a lot of fun, and you can really zip through some of the levels once you get your timing right. The game does start out a little easy, but definitely gets difficult in the later levels; especially if you like getting all the bolts. Tapps did a great job with the game, and I highly recommend folks check it out. There is a lite version of the game you can check out while the full version is well worth the $0.99 cent price tag.


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