A Review of Spinning Top Adventure for Android


Spinning Top Adventure is a new Android game that lets players adventure through rich 3D enjoinments with an old school spinning top. I remember playing around with a few spinning top related games as a kid, but I honestly never thought there would be a video game about one. Well, x-fund global has changed that with their new game about tops, but the real question is can a Spinning Top game be fun? Read on to find out…


When you first fire up the game you can choose Adventure mode which is the main part of the game or three mini-games with Racing, Survival, and Math. While all the modes are different, the gameplay stays the same and controlling the spinning top is fairly easy. When you start a level you’re given a quick little mini-game that has you follow an arrow around a string to build up your initial energy, after that your top’s turned loose and you’ll control it by tilting the device. You’ll need to collect all the blue diamonds from each level to advance, but you’ll also want to pick up the yellows ones as they let you unlock the next world. Getting those diamonds won’t be easy though as you’ll have to navigate your top through road cones, water, walls, and a lot of other well placed obstacles.


Spinning Top Adventure gives players three worlds with 36 levels and three mini-games. The worlds are all completely different from one another and you’ll get to travel on the road, in the jungle, and even up on the moon. As for the mini-games, I’ve only got to play the racing one which was actually pretty tough because you’re going for time and you have to get diamonds in a particular order. There are 8 courses in the racing mini-game, but I couldn’t check math and survival mode as they’re only available in the full version. You can choose from three different spinning tops in adventure mode, but that’s about it as far as extras are concerned.


It did take me a little while to get the hang of controlling the top, but once I did Spinning Top Adventure started to grow on me. The 3D levels I saw looked great and the courses themselves can become very challenging to navigate. I do wish there was a little more variety with the tops or a few extras thrown in, but that certainly doesn’t kill the game for me. You’ll get the first 6 levels of the first world and the first 4 circuits of the racing mini-game in the free version while the full version will cost you $1.99 and can be had through the in-app purchasing system. You can pick up the free version of Spinning Top Adventure in the Android market.


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