A Review of Whale Trail for Android


I’m always on the lookout for the quirky Android game and I didn’t have to look long this week as news hit the net that Whale Trail by ustwo is finally available for Android. What’s Whale Trail you ask? It’s a one-finger flying game set in a rainbow land that lets you control a whale named Willow as he tries to escape from the evil Baron Von Barry.

Gameplay & Features

Controlling Willow is simple yet difficult as you’ll simply press and hold the screen to swoop up and let go to dive down. The only other move is a loop that can be done by holding the screen a bit longer.  As you zip along you’ll notice that Willow lets off a little trail as he flies; this is basically his exhaust and his fuel are those little colorful “blubbles” you see floating all around the screen. To keep flying you’ll have to keep eating blubbles and if you run out your toast. There are more than enough blubbles scattered about to keep you fed, but if you hit a Thunder Brother you’re going to lose a large chunk of them. Most games of this nature have an enemy you have to avoid and Whale Trail is no different as you’ll constantly dodge ominous looking storm clouds known as Thunder Brothers and if you fall Baron Von Barry is going to get you.

There are a few things that can help you out along the way; any time you see a colored star snag it and when you have 7 you can enter frenzy mode. When Willow is on a frenzy he becomes fast, invincible, and he can hoover in blubbles like a vacuum. The only other assistance you’ll get is from a funky looking guy that randomly shows up and sprays streams of blubbles or the little boost disks you’ll see throughout the levels.Whale Trail has two modes of play with Classic and Challenge mode. Classic mode is basically endless; as long as you’re blubble gauge is full you’ll keep going. Challenge mode offers gamers 32 awesome levels and uses the 3-star system. Whale Trail uses scoreloop to keep your scores and has a whopping 52 achievements to unlock. Some of the achievements are pretty difficult, but fun to try and get. This coupled with levels and all around awesome gameplay is bound to keep gamers busy for quite some time.


I had heard of, but never play Whale Trail and now that I have I’m very impressed. It’s just as trippy as I thought it would be (which is great) and the soundtrack is on a whole different level. Normally, I’m not a huge fan of the one-touch rising and falling games, but Whale Trail is so different that it’s hard to put down. I highly recommend everyone check the game out, there isn’t a free version available but the full version is a steal and on sale for only $0.99 cents right now. You can find ustwo’s Whale Trail in the Android market.


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