Abduction! – Cows are heroes again

This Android app can easily be one of the most addictive games I’ve played in a long while. When someone tells you that the premise of the game is to save your fellow cow brethren from abduction by aliens you will probably stop for a moment and think to yourself, “What have you been smoking and can I have some?” Ok, maybe not the second part but it sounds weird, I mean why would aliens abduct cows? Still you got to try it since it is free.

The game is not as you can imagine played for the enthralling story of the superhero cow beating up aliens, but rather for the simple, fun and addicting play time…did I mention it was addicting, cause it seriously is. The game utilizes the phone’s internal accelerometer to detect your next move. Basically you tilt the phone in either the left your right direction to make the cow jump left or right. Very complicated I know. The goal is to jump from platform to platform in order to reach the alien ship which contains your cow family and friends.

Along the your journey you will face deserts, ice lands, lush forests, and more (the backdrop changes, game play is the same). I admit the author does try to provide an explanation for your travels by giving the player a short stories along the way, but if that is all your worried about in a game that has cows battling aliens then you’ve got way more to worry about. You can either do story mode or quick play mode depending on your mood. Also in order to track scores to compete with other users, you must download a separate app called Score Ninja. Not the end of the world (haha alien invasion pun) but still annoying.

There is a paid version of the game as well which opens up more areas and features but you can still get quite a bit out of the free version. The graphics are nothing out of this world (I’m terrible I know) but satisfactory and even appropriate for this kind of game. Overall a nice game that’s easy to use and fun to play.


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