Airbnb – Android App Review


Ever wonder how much it would cost to stay in a castle for the night? How about an apartment in Spain or an Italian villa? If the answer is yes there’s a new app called Airbnb that can hook you up. Airbnb lists hundreds of cool places to stay and allows people to monetize that spare room they may just have sitting empty in Paris or Munich.

As soon as you launch the app you’re able to take a brief tutorial on how things work, sign in or browse. I went with browse and was quickly wowed by the amount and quality of the listings available. When they say “worldwide” they really mean it as I saw listings in Texas, Paris, New York, Russia, Italy, Munich, San Francisco, Asia, Africa and Rome… and that’s really just a small portion of the locations. You can browse the listings through a simple search or by collections; the collections are great as they’ll let you view castles and other domiciles by grouping similar ones together. Once you find a place you want to stay you can check the description, see pics/videos, get a list of the amenities or even book the room. It’s really a full-service setup and it’s very easy to navigate and find a killer place to stay if you’re traveling or planning a trip.  There are customer reviews if you’re leery of a place and you can make a little cash by listing your pad with them if you’ve got a swanky place sitting empty.


I was really blown away by some of the places available to stay… especially the castles. The sheer variety of rooms, apartments, and houses kept me busy for hours and I if I ever do get to take a vacation I plan on checking out the Airbnb app first. It’s a great app if you travel a lot or are looking for an interesting (and affordable) place to stay while abroad. You can get the Airbnb app in the Android market for free.


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