Amazing Charlie – Android Game Review


Amazing Charlie is a killer new Android game from Blue Carrot Games that lets you fire a clown named Charlie through a series of cannons set under the Big Top. It’s a “connect the cannons” style game that requires you to think fast and react even faster.


Firing Charlie around the arena is done by simply drawing a line with your finger from one cannon to the next; you’ll always land right in that big old cupcake, but there are a few rules you have to follow. You can cross your lines and are even given a bonus for doing so in some levels, but you can’t go over animals. Animals can be moved, but only with bombs which come into play later in the game. You’ll notice stars and letters in the acts as well which can be picked up for a bonus and extra points.


There are three different arenas in the game with 63 stages in all; each arena has 21 stages, but each stage has 8 different acts so your real “total” is right around 500 acts in all. The way the levels are done add a level of difficulty as each level has 8 timed acts and a set amount of lives. If you miss a letter or some stars you can’t go back, but you can restart the whole level and try again. Throw in a few different modes and 19 achievements and you’ve got yourself a game with plenty of depth.


After spending an afternoon with the Amazing Charlie it’s pretty safe to say I’m a fan of the game. It’s not the first cannon game I’ve played, but it is the first “connect the dots” style game for me and it’s a blast. The levels start out fairly easy, but soon you’re glancing at the timer and having to actually think for a second before you start your cannon path. The game looks great, has lots of depth, and is a real blast to play. There isn’t a free version, but the paid version will only set you back $0.99 cents. I highly recommend Amazing Charlie, and you can find it in the Android market.


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