Android App Review: Can I Stream It? from Urban Pixels

The ability to stream media is one of the big advantages of having an Android tablet or phone, but finding what you want to watch isn’t all that easy. Today we’re going to take a look at an Android app called Can I Stream It? from Urban Pixels as its sole purpose is to make finding streaming media a little bit easier.

Can I Stream It? works by pulling information from a wide variety of services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, EPIX, Streampix, Vudu, YouTube, Blockbuster, Redbox, XFinity, and Android. They basically cover all the major streaming media services and even include rentals and purchases. If you want to find a particular movie or show to watch you simply need to type the name of the title into search box and away you go. Once you find your flick you’re taken to a screen that gives you tabs for streaming, rental, purchase, Dvd/Blu-ray, and Xfinity. This is where you’ll truly find out who’s got what and “Can I Stream It?” In addition to finding things to watch you can also set reminders to keep you informed whenever one of your favorites hits the airwaves.

Can I Stream It? is an awesome idea and a great app to have on hand if you stream a lot of media. I subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime (as well as Xfinity) so it was pretty easy for me to give the app a good test. Can I Stream It? did well at finding stuff “most” of the time, but it did misfire on some titles and services like Google Play and Xfinity. I was actually watching a movie on Xfinity while playing with the app and it said it wasn’t available. Even though it misfires, I really like the idea of the app and will be keeping it installed and updated to see how things play out. If you stream a lot of media it’s definitely worth a look and you can check it out for free on Google Play.


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