Android App Review – Chaikin Power Tools Stock App


If you’ve ever wanted to dabble in the Stock Market a new Android App called the Chaikin Power Tools Stock App may be just for you. This handy little app provides you with the research tools you need to help you invest like the pros.

The app runs off the Chaikin Power Gauge Rating system which gives you an in-depth analysis of a stock’s potential and breaks it down into a simple to read display with Green meaning “Bullish” and Red meaning “Bearish.”  Each stocks gauge is easy to read and understand if you know a little about the stock market and there’s also a chart tab that will show you 1-day and 6-month charts along with fundamentals. If you want to dig even deeper and go down the rabbit hole so to speak, you can click on Order Research and subscribe to the Chaikin Power Tools Stock Reports which has complete information on over 5,000 stocks.


The Chaikin Power Tools Stock App is easy to use and I liked the gauges and bullish/bearish approach the app takes as it doesn’t overload you with content you can’t understand or have to sift through. It doesn’t have everything you need to know before investing, but it is a great quick reference guide and would be handy to have on hand if you’re involved in the stock market. You can pick up the Chaikin Power Tools Stock App for free in the Android market.


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