Android App Review – Markers by Daniel Sandler


Last week we told you about a cool new Android drawing app, now we’re back with the review. Markers is the name of the app and it’s put out by developer Daniel Sandler. If you like to doodle on your phone, keep reading as Markers is an Android app you’ll definitely want to get.

Simply put, Markers makes drawing on your tablet or phone easy. Yeah, there are countless drawing apps out there and most of them have the same features. Markers has all the same features as the rest of the bunch as you’ll get brushes, colors, etc… but it’s how it performs these actions that makes it stand out from the rest. First off, the interface is simple and easy on the eyes. Kids or Adults will have no problem finding their way around as the colors and brushes are easily accessible with just one touch. The other feature that really grabbed my attention is the pressure sensitivity behind Markers. It really works well and immediately picked up on my finger with no problem. It’s dead-on and changed the thickness of my lines perfectly when I went from full finger tip to fingernail which was impressive as it’s a fingernail and not a stylus. This allows you to get pretty wild with your drawings and gives you a good measure of control.

Markers also uses multitouch with up to 5 simultaneous touches for Android phones and a whopping 10 for tablets. I tested this out on my Captivate and ASUS 300T tablet and it worked great on both. As with most drawing apps you can save and share your drawings with others through the usual channels, and can import images in to draw over. The brush count comes in at 7 with an eraser added in for mistakes, and there are right around 30 colors to choose from as well. There are other apps with more brushes, but to be honest you don’t need dozens of brushes to draw with, you just need the ones you use to work well.


Markers is one of the best drawing apps I’ve come across and I’ve had a great time playing around with it over the past week. It passed the “kid test” on my niece, and I actually had to take it away from her more than once when I wanted to do a little gaming on my Tab. If you want to make a quick doodle or work on a full-fledged masterpiece Markers has you covered. You can check out Daniel Sandler’s Markers for free on Google Play.



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