Android Game Review: Tangled from West Code Studios

There are times when you want to be entertained and yet don’t know how long the leisure will last, for those peculiar times, Tangled is the perfect fix. Waiting for the dentist, standing in line for coffee and the long commercials during a game, all can now be turned into quick bouts of brain teasing fun. Tangled, developed by West Code Studios is a popular game released on the iOS platform for quite a time, it is now available to the Android too.

Tangled is a brain teasing puzzle game through and through. It has a very simple premise and yet can be a tough challenge if it wants to. As the name suggests, you have to untangle some wires/strings which are, well tangled. And you do this by touching the dots, discs, clouds or stones attached to the lines, depending on the world you are on. The game is divided into 6 different worlds, each with its very one unique theme going on. The visuals and the sound track might be different, but the gameplay remains the same. The first few puzzles of each world are relatively easy and the difficulty ramps up as you go further. I found that certain levels were quite easy to beat, while other required some patience.

Successfully unraveling the lines will yield you with stars; depending on the number of moves it took you to solve the “level”. Those stars then contribute towards unlocking the next world. There are 90 levels to be played divided across 6 worlds. It took me almost an hour to rush through the whole game, which was a bit disappointing as I already attained the 3 star maximum rating on most of them. Still I would find myself struggling at a puzzle for more than 5 minutes only to realize that the answer was right there, these are the times Tangled truly shines. The feeling of successfully solving a puzzle makes the game all that more enjoyable.

After you are done playing the campaign, you can still enjoy randomly generated levels, which further justifies the already affordable price. Tangled is not without flaws though, one of the most annoying one is the lack of an “exit” button or the inability to automatically terminate the game when the back button is pressed. Furthermore while the game recognizes that you left a puzzle partially solved and give you the option to resume, some error pops up and leave you starring at the background art. All in all Tangled is a lot of fun if you are on the run.



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