Battle Cats Review: More Fun than you can Shake a Cat at

Battle Cats for Android

Battle Cats is one of those capture the castle style games where you and your opponent send troops towards each others castles. Instead of troops you’ll be sending out cats and the enemy will send all sorts of animals like dogs, snakes, alligators, hippos, and red seals…beware the red seals. The gameplay is about as simple as it gets; you win a stage, get XP, upgrade, and fight again. You can earn “treasure” for doing well on a level, and the replay factor is excellent. It is an energy-based setup though so your playtime is going to be limited unless you want to spend some cash.

Next up we’re going to take a look at the “Cat Base” where you’ll be able to upgrade and unlock kitties, buy cat food, access your dictionary, and check out your treasure. As you’d expect Battle Cats is full of cats which is part of the reason I decided to do a Battle Cats Review… who doesn’t like unlockables?  You’ll start out with a regular feline soldier and a defensive unit called a Tank, but as you progress you’ll be able unlock new cats like the Gross-Cat, Bird-Cat, Lizard-Cat, and the Giant Warrior Cat. Once you unlock a cat you can upgrade it and when you hit level 10 they evolve and change form. It’s just as cool as it sounds and while it takes forever to upgrade some of the cats it’s very satisfying when you get to see them evolve.

If regular soldiers or evolved heroes just don’t cut it you do have access to the almighty God-Cat along with several super-special cats. The Cat-God is unlocked with XP, but the other special cats require cat food which is the games form of currency. As you’d expect it’s hard to earn, but you can buy as much as you’d like to with real money. So far I’ve unlocked several cool kitties including the Ninja-Cat, Zombie-Cat, and Afro-Cat. All these guys are upgradable too except for the Cat-God as he’s as powerful as you can get. His powers can be used during battle and are extremely useful, but they’ll cost you cat food as well.

The Treasure and Dictionary sections are pretty self-explanatory; the dictionary gives you the lowdown on everyone you’ve faced and the treasure section shows your loot. The dictionary isn’t that informative as far as strategy’s concerned, but it’s fun to look at. Pay close attention to the treasure section. I made the mistake of rushing through things, and never checked to see what the treasure I earned actually did starting out. Needless to say “treasure sets” will really help you out and there is quite a bit of it to collect as each of the 46 levels allows you to go for bronze, silver or gold treasures.

Last but not least in our Battle Cats review is the part every gamer dreads, the In-App purchasing setup aka “The Shop”. Battle Cats store has some handy, but pricy power-ups like treasure radar and sniper cats; you can also trade in cat food for XP. As for the cat food you’ll be able to acquire some through Tap Joy offers and can earn some every so many days from playing or you can buy it. This is where Battle Cats suffers as cat food is expensive and the Tap Joy ads don’t let you earn squat unless you want to actually sign-up for something. To sum it up, if you want to get the cheapest special cat it’ll cost you 30 cans of cat food or around 2 bucks so everything really, really cool is going to require you to complete offers or buy cat food. To be honest I’ve got no problem buying stuff if the game’s solid (this one is), but the prices are a bit skewed for what you’re getting in this case.

Battle Cats definitely has some faults with its IAP setup and pricing, but it’s still one of the best castle attack/castle defense games I’ve played. The characters and style of the game are very well done, there are a slew of levels, and the battles never seem to get old although it does suck having to wait for your time to refill. That being said, time-based games and the IAP system are nothing new and both are something we should all be used to nowadays. If you’re looking for a game that’s going to suck you in, make you laugh, and frustrate you all at the same time look no further than Battle Cats. Once it sinks its claws in, it doesn’t let go easily. If you’re ready to give it a go, clear up some free time and head on over to Google Play where you can pick up Ponos Battle Cats for free.



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