Brightness Rocker Android App Review

While most Android phones have very bright display screen, there are however some apps which would not show brightly right away, so you still need to adjust your phone display’s brightness level. Here’s an Android app that will help you accomplish this minor task – Brightness Rocker Pro and Brightness Rocker Lite. ¬†Literally, it will rock your Android phone’s display.

Brigthness lets you do one thing on your Android phone – to control the brightness of your phone’s screen even if you are not on the homescreen or settings’ screen. Meaning, you can increase or decrease the brightness of your Android phone’s display screen from any app that you are currently using. Simple as it may seem, this Android app will certainly come in handy and will save a few minutes of your time. For busy people, those few minutes though equal to many things.

To use the app in case you decide in getting it, you simply press the volume rocker button while using any apps. Upon pressing the volume rocker button, the app will display its brightness slider. You can also use the Brightness Rocker home-screen widget or notification icon for viewing and changing your Android phone’s screen brightness.

The app is available in both free, ad-supported lite version and a full, paid app with no ads to bother you. The app works well with Android 1.5 or newer. You can get the free or paid version now from the Android Marketplace.


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