Changes in Google Maps Android App

Google Maps Android app is a lifesaver for people who get lost on a regular basis, like me. Recently, Android released a 2.1 update for Android phones that included changes to the Google Maps app. These changes are intended to make the app easier to use and save time. I was curious just what these changes are, so I checked it out.

One handy feature is that your desktop Google Maps now syncs with your phone’s Google Maps app. This synchronizes starred items between your phone and To use the sync and personalized features of the app, you must be logged in to your myGoogle account while on the site.

Notice how I mentioned personalized features, before? What are these features? Well, my favorite is the personalized location directions that autocompletes itself based on searches you’ve done in the past. For example, if you wanted to find the Metropolitan Museum of Art last week and you want to find it again this week, all you have to type in is “Me” and the app will suggest a search for the Metropolitan Museum of Art. No more repetitive typing!

Another godsend feature is the Google Maps night mode. That’s right, just like a stealthy Navy Seal, your the app adjusts the brightness of your screen so that it is easier to see at night. This is a fantastic fix for people that use this app while driving.

These little updates make me love my Google Maps app even more and make it much more user friendly.


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