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chrome reader

If you’re a Chrome user and an Android lover at the same time (these two things are going together almost by default), today I have some great news for you,  because the Chrome Reader App for Android is here!

While the voice controlled  “virtual assistant” thing is hardly breaking news since Google Now/Siri &comp, this new app from Technology Discovery will be adored by those of you who are spending lots of time online, reading blogs and articles, like yours truly.

Because, what this Android app does is making our online lives easier : basically, the Chrome reader will allow you to put your eyes to rest while it will read for you, in a relaxing feminine voice, the online content you require.

All you have to do is visit Google Play Store, download and install the app on your droid and get things going. Using the application is fairly easy for both “newbies” and advanced users. Even if you’re not a techie, installing and enjoying the Chrome reader will present no significant problem.

After installation,the app will require you to open the Chrome browser, press Enable, select and copy the text you need to be read out loud and the app will do the rest, it’s that easy folks!

chrome reader

After you press enable, you go back to your Chrome browser, you select the text you want to be read for you and that’s it. Easy as pie. If you want the app to stop reading, all you have to do is shake the device, the voice will stop on your command!

The interface is nicely designed in a minimalist manner; there are only four buttons for controlling the app (Enable, Disable,Troubleshooting and Exit) and using it is intuitive enough for my grandmother.

 This app is very useful if you have to learn something and you’re too lazy to keep your eyes peeled on your screen (or you’re too tired, either way); using the Chrome reader feels like attending a class in which you have full control over your teacher. Also, this app is great if you’re into eBook reading, it works like a charm at night, when you’re going to bed and trying to fall asleep while listening to the first chapter of, let’s say, Lord of the Rings. I know, I am old school, I love reading books in the age of Android games. I am no fun.

For the Chrome reader to work correctly, it requires your droid  to run on Android 4.0 and up. Enjoy!

chrome reader


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