Contacts Plus Android App Review

contacts2There are lots of apps out there that have made your contacts appear no big deal any longer. However, most of them do nothing more than just keeping all the contacts in the same way as the regular system works on your cell phone. Contacts+ is different in combining all your contacts together and giving you the power to call, send text messages or engage on social sites from one place.

How it works?

Contacts+ is a powerful contact plus dialer app that performs a number of tasks. You could also use it for text messaging and harnessing the power of WhatsApp and doing a lot of things on Facebook and Twitter.

Contacts+ allows users to send free text messages without having to switch their apps. It is also possible to auto sync stunning images to the contacts from Facebook. And most interestingly, get all the birthday reminders now on your cell phones. This means, there is no longer any need to get onto Facebook to know which friends have their birthday coming.


There are many features that make Contacts+ so special. It is the ultimate app that lets you remain connected with people who matter to you. It has amazing contacts design. The call log, dialer and message list are all integrated. You could access them by swiping left or right.

There are two themes mode–light and dark. The app also displays favorite contacts and groups, and the option to view contacts in list or grid form. It is possible to prioritize all the contacts by alphabets, recents or even by frequency.

It is also possible to send regular and free text messages to any contact. Go to the profiles of contacts and view their message history from there. If you are worried about saving all the contacts on your social sites, Contacts+ makes life easier for you. You could get your contacts integrated with this app from your Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Foursquare or LinkedIn accounts. That would be like saving tons of contacts with the assurance that you wouldn’t have to log in when the need arises to call one of those friends after a long time.

Contacts+ also makes it possible to navigate to the addresses of your contacts from their profiles. The birthdays and auto photos would sync with Facebook, while auto photos sync with Google.

One of the main issues with most cell phone owners is having duplicate contacts on their device. Contacts+ sorts out this issue by merging all those contacts into one. When it comes to searching, Contacts+ facilitates fastgesture and T9 search by names and numbers, but what makes it special is that you could also search by the company name and email address of the contact.

Contacts+has a quick call feature where you can press and hold the picture of the contact to make a call from the contacts screen. Thenthere is a special speed dial feature as well.


The only thing that users found a little difficult with Contacts+ what that the quality of their contact pictures were reduced when they manually downloaded them from Facebook. However, it is not a major issue when watching those photos from their cell phones.

Final Analysis

Contacts+ solves one of the main issues of the cell phone world where users have found it difficult to properly integrate their social media contacts onto the phone. The duplicate contacts merging feature makes it even more special.


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