Make things go Boom with Demolition Master by App Mania

demolition master by app maniaSince we all love to make things go boom and then watch the destruction that follows, Demolition Master by developer App Mania is a good way to go. Featuring 16 different locations and 240 unique levels Demolition Master will keep you busy for quite a while. I mean, who doesn’t want to blow things up over and over and over again?

The Demolition Master Android game comes in three different versions, first the free non-3D version which only offers a limited number of levels of play. You then have the free 3D version which also isn’t a full version of all of the available levels of play. And finally the full 3D version that includes all of the Demolition Master full with really impressive 3D effects. The full version is available on Google Play currently for $1.99 which is a nice, fair price for all of the game you’re getting.demolition master by app mania

The idea of Demolition Master is really easy. You are given a structure made out of I-Beams and you must use the limited number of explosives to bring the whole thing down below a certain height. In addition, in some levels the falling mass of iron cannot venture too far to one side of the screen; in either case if you don’t blow it up low enough or a piece lands too far away you fail the mission and have to restart.

In this Android game you have two types of explosives available for use, the normal charge and a mega-charge. You can earn extra mega charges by buying them in the in-game store using coins you earn for completing the levels or you can purchase coins with real money to help you really level that level. If you need to make sure you place your explosives with pinpoint accuracy don’t worry because you can pinch to zoom in to make sure the bomb is set in the perfect place.demolition master by app mania

Final Thoughts about Demolition Master by App Mania: This is a fun game that helps you to satisfy that need to see things get destroyed. You will travel the world and blow building up in cities around the world, plus you can even travel to the Moon and soon to Mars to blow up buildings as well. Go check Demolition Mania out and become a destroyer of…buildings.

Demolition Master


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