Dropbox Android App Gets Updated with New Useful Features

Among the cloud storage services available right now, Dropbox can be consider as the Foursquare of location-based social networking sites or Facebook of the pure social network space. This means one thing – it leads the pack of cloud storage, file sharing and uploading services in the market today. And guess what? They’ve got an Android app too. In fact, the Dropbox for Android app has just been updated with new features such as – support for photo galleries and multi-photo upload, automatically send files to Dropbox from other apps, progress bar, file transfer notifications as well as some bug fixes.

If you are not using Dropbox yet, well I’m sorry to tell you that you’re missing a lot. Dropbox is a pretty useful cloud storage services that you can access and use even while you’re on the move using its mobile apps such as the one for Android. Speficially, Dropbox for Android has the following features:

  • access to your online content stored in the Dropbox server, including the capability to stream music and movies from your Dropbox account to your Android phone
  • flawless synchronization between your Android phone and your Dropbox online account
  • view downloaded files offline
  • upload files and send your friends a public link to access your files – whether video, photos or audio files.
  • share links to any file in your Dropbox

Dropbox for Android is available now as a free download from the Android Marketplace. You need to create an account first on Dropbox.com to start using the mobile app.  A free account entitles you to 2GB of storage space. You can upgrade your account anytime to either Pro 50 (50GB storage space) or Pro 100 (100GB storage space).

If  the next time you check out your Android phone’s memory, you see a depleting storage space – you better get a Dropbox account and install Dropbox for Android to free up your phone’s memory.


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