Education Without Limits: How the AIU App for Android Made the 24-Hour Classroom Possible

Providing even greater mobility and convenience for students of American InterContinental University (AIU), the online college announced the arrival of a new series of education-enhancing apps available for Androids, iPads, iPhones and even iPod touches. The development of the apps was inspired by the fact that many university students live frequently busy, on-the-go lifestyles that require even greater technological accommodation than the convenience of online schooling in general. By simply downloading these apps to their mobile devices, students are able to take the following actions wherever they might be.

1. Consult the Checklist

The checklist feature is one of the latest additions to the AIU app, which allows students to keep track of upcoming assignment due dates, exams, and other important events in each class they enroll in. With this feature, students are able to stay more organized without even having to refer to outside scheduling apps or calendars. Since many students juggle family life, careers and other responsibilities, having this constant reminder is a great way to make sure students live up to their academic responsibilities as well.

2. View Assignment List and Grades

When students are rushing from an 8-hour workday to daycare to the grocery store, the early-morning checklist reminder about an assignment due that night can easily be forgotten as the day progresses. Fortunately, the AIU app allows students to check assignment lists and grades whenever they come to mind. For example, say a student is out of town and is often away from his or her computer. Naturally, this student would be busy with other things throughout most of the day, but having the app on hand would give them the opportunity to get into the habit of checking assignment due dates for each class and avoid potentially missing a deadline despite a busy schedule. Similarly, students can check grades through the app to receive quicker feedback on their performance and resolve any issues with these evaluations as quickly as possible. 

3. Contact Faculty

Have an assignment due tomorrow, but need to ask your instructor a crucial question about formatting and citation requirements? No problem. AIU’s mobile apps allow you to contact faculty members from virtually anywhere, so you can receive answers to your questions in record time. Although students may not physically interact with their instructors at online universities, they are granted a significant advantage with the lightning speed of online communication. Therefore, students are able to come to their instructors at any time with questions, concerns and ideas regarding academic subjects.

4. Read and Contribute to Discussion Boards

Both online and traditional college courses require regular discussion with instructors and classmates to foster educational debates on course-related matters and create a collaborative environment of ideas and intellect. Since proper academic growth requires consistent exposure and participation within these discussions, AIU apps allow students to access discussion boards from their mobile devices to allow students to communicate with one another regardless of geographical distance. Students can read discussion posts from other students during downtime and submit their own posts when inspiration strikes.

As a result of the growth of more advanced technologies like the AIU mobile app, the quality of online education continues to improve. With these devices on hand, the classroom experience is always available, which helps integrate learning into the daily lives of AIU students. Since this app is now approaching its one-year anniversary, there are likely even greater opportunities right around the corner.


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