Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time

Last week we had a game called Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes listed in our Top Games of the Week list and this week we’re back with a full review of this finger busting little game from Blizny Studios.

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes is a game all about Orcs and your job is to kill every one you see in order to save your Kingdom. Sounds like a simple enough task doesn’t it? Well, it’s anything but simple as you’re going to have them coming at you from all sides with only your trusty sword and a few power-ups to assist you. We’re not talking about a few Orcs either as you’re going to have hundreds of them come at you full force on every stage.

The gameplay behind Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes follows the good old “Tap and Destroy” method where you only need to tap on a group of Orcs to send them to the grave. Your character stays in the middle of the screen and basically stands his ground while you tap and kill at will as the Orcs come at you in droves. You will get some assistance from a few handy power-ups along the way though like burning hands, slow, heal, and lightning bolt. Your enemies are all Orcs, but some are stronger than others with the red Colonel Orc’s being the baddest of the bunch.

By the numbers Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes offers up 500+ levels set across 30 different locations. Yup, you read that right; it’s a quick play game with a ton of depth. You’ll also get around 20 achievements to go along with 10 (only 4 are free) power-ups.  The power-ups and perks add quite a bit to the game as simply tapping would get old after awhile, the rub is that you can only use 4 at one time which means you’ll have to choose carefully depending on the level.

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes is an Epic quick play game that’s definitely one of the more frustrating games I’ve played lately, but in a good way as I keep coming back for more. The bottom line is you’re going to tap more in this game than possibly any other game you’ve ever played, and you’re gonna’ have a lot of fun doing it. The game itself is free to download, and if you’re looking for some extra action you can buy unlock the other 6 power-ups for a buck. If you’re ready to give it a go, limber up your digits and head on over to Google Play.

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes

Blizny Studios


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