FlightTrack Android App Review

Want a really useful app that you can use on your Android phone? How about a flight tracker app that lets you keep tab of every aspects of your domestic and international flights, giving you real-time updates and beautiful maps that you can zoom in and out? You better check out FlightTrack for Android. Covering more than 500 airports and 1400 airlines, FlighTrack for Android certainly got all your trips covered.

FlightTrack takes its roots from iOS devices, having been one of the most download apps in the App Store. For its Android iteration, FlightTrack brings all the bells and whistles of the iPhone app with several enhancements to optimize the app for Android devices. As a flight tracker, FlightTrack gives you all the information you need for your flights including delays, cancellations and airport gates where you need to board.

FlightTrack for Android lets you view live tracking maps. And mind you these are no ordinary maps but rather high-resolution, beautifully rendered maps perfect for the high-res display of most Android phones. The app also gives you airtime, aircraft, and speed and altitude information for major US airlines. It also has an offline mode to allow you to use the app while on board the airplane already. If you’re off to an important meeting in another place, the app lets you predict flight delays, even giving you airport warning and historical delay forecasts. Hence, you can foresee whether you’ll make it to your destination on time or whether you need to adjust your departure time.

Other features of FlightTrack for Android include – save flight itineraries up to 11 months in advance, add flight notes for seat numbers, confirmation numbers and more, share flight status with friends and colleagues and review weather radar and forecasts.

FlightTrack for Android is available now from the Android Market. It will set you back for $4.99. A premium version, FlightTrack Upgrade is also available for the same price. But this time, the app lets you import your flight info from TripIt.


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