Flinging to Adventure in Fling Clowny by RV AppStudios

Fling Clowny by RV AppStudiosIf you’re like me you’ve always wanted to be a daredevil clown being shot through flaming and electrified rings. Well wait no longer my friends because now you can do just that with Fling Clowny by developer RV AppStudios. But wait there’s more; while entertaining the crowd you can also pick up some nice coin along the way.

The concept of Fling Clowny is pretty simple and easy to pick up but difficult to master. Which is the reason why this gamer finds this Android game so addicting. Clowny is hanging on a rope and you have to try to slingshot him through various deadly rings, without dying too much, all the while collecting add many coins as you can in order to purchase power ups and get that perfect three star score on each level. Fling Clowny plays similarly to Angry Birds when it comes to launching Clowny around; but with rings instead of pigs, and a clown (or three other unlockable characters) instead of birds.Fling Clowny by RV AppStudios

Fling Clowny currently has 50 levels with the developer RV AppStudios saying there will be more in the future. While Fling Clowny is an entertaining game I was able to finish all 50 levels in just a couple hours. Keep in mind however, I still haven’t been able to get the full three stars for each level yet. That is the true challenge of Fling Clowny; you might be able to complete the level, but getting that all so nice perfect three star game won’t be easy.

Final thoughts about Fling Clowny by RV AppStudios is that it is a fun game that will keep you challenged for quite a long time. The controls are a small bit touchy at times (this was while playing Fling Clowny on both the Droid Bionic and Samsung Galaxy Tab both running ICS), but that one small issue doesn’t take away from game play. Overall Fling Clowny is a pretty good game that comes highly recommended.

Fling Clowny by RV AppStudios


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