Gun Bros 2! Do you like guns Bro? How about 2?


The original Gun Bros came out about two years ago and made an impression with its nod to the original Smash TV. The dual stick style control scheme is a blast past, from 1990 arcade halls to be exact.  Gun Bros 2 continues on with the success of its predecessor by again combining fast paced, overhead, shooter action with awesome characters, art, animation, and role play elements. The story behind Gun Bros 2 is completely ridiculous and makes very little sense, yet it is just involving enough to provide a chuckle between levels and keep the player shooting.


Gun Bros 2 boasts a campaign and a survival mode that both take place in arena style levels. Campaign mode allows characters to graduate through progressively difficult arenas that contain differing enemies and collectible power ups, currency, and experience. The final level of each of the campaign mode arena pits the characters against an over the top boss character. Campaign is a fun way to collect power ups and weapon modifications however the currency and experience allocation is much smaller than what occurs in the survival mode.  In survival mode the characters face wave upon wave of enemies of progressive difficulty. The currency and experience that is gained from playing survival is much greater than in campaign mode and survival mode lacks all attempts at a story (which could be good or bad).gunbros2

The one problem with Gun Bros 2 is the “paywall.” The paywall, within free mobile gaming, is the point in the game in which players must choose to either spend real world money to upgrade or choose to replay previous levels over and over to achieve the upgrades necessary to advance. The Paywall in Gun Bros 2 appears WAY to early in the game and it is extremely expensive to bypass. If you are a gamer that doesn’t mind grinding for experience and currency then this is a game to enjoy. If becoming stagnate in a game is unacceptable and you are unwilling to pay then this is not the one for you.

The upgrades in Gun Bros 2 are fun and exciting. As the title suggest the brothers use guns and you can upgrade their armor, buy new guns, or upgrade your guns by adding more guns to them! During the actual gameplay you character will be accompanied by one of his Bros. The Bros themselves are wide and varied and there is even an option to use your friend’s bros for help while they are offline. The creativity in the weapons is where Gun Bros 2 really shines. There is everything from rail guns to lighting cannons and you can increase the potency of each weapon based on how many upgrade slots it has. Why not add a mine launcher to your shotgun? Gun Bros 2 is free and its fun. Even if you don’t like the idea of having to pay to advance, you still have nothing to lose by giving it a try. You can pick up Glu Mobile’s Gun Bros 2 for free on Google Play.

Gun Bros 2


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