Ibotta Android App Review

ibottaDid you ever think that someone would pay you for buying your favorite products? Ibotta is an app that offers an easier and fun-filled method of earning money for buying products. How does this app make this possible?

How it works?

Before you start shopping, it would be required to select offers and complete a few tasks. The amount of money you earn depends on the number of tasks completed. There are retailer based offers like the special extras and bonuses.

Once you have made the choices and completed the tasks, start shopping. There are more than 40 leading Ibotta supporting retailers from where you could make the purchase. The network is otherwise growing at a very fast pace. After making the purchase, capture an image of the receipt and scan the barcode of the items. The app then goes to verify the purchase and instantly credits your account with the earned money.

With Ibotta, there is no need to run around with a cash voucher. You would get real money credited directly into your PayPal account. However, you could also get the money donated to some school in the U.S.

There is more money to be earned with Ibotta. You could invite your friends and get additional cash bonuses when they signup. There are very few ways online that genuinely pays you directly for anything, and Ibotta is certainly one of them.


While it’s main feature of paying you for making a purchase is most notable, there are many things that go in the favor of this app. Ibotta is simple and doesn’t involve any complex processes or tasks. You could choose your favorite products and complete related tasks instantly. The jobs could include learning some facts, taking a poll or just watching some video.

It is up to you to decide the amount you want to earn. It is simply going to depend on the task that you want to complete. The entire process is fun. You would be earning rewards for just completing the bonuses. Using the app from time to time would unlock more bonuses and new chances of earning.

The earning potential increases further if you have many friends to refer. You could earn for just referring and even more when your friends sign up with Ibotta. And the rewards are going to be in real money, credited to your account.

One thing that makes this app feel even more credible is that the retailers are located near you. There are more than 40 retailers that include Walmart, Target, Safeway, CVS and 7 Eleven among others. This means that there is always a store near you, where you could use this app and earn money for shopping.

Ibotta is fast because you would be earning the money within a few hours of capturing the photo of the receipt. The app would always keep sending you offers about your favorite products from the leading brands. Therefore, you wouldn’t ever need to purchase anything that you don’t want or like.


Ibotta currently covers 40 plus retailers. Users have regularly asked for increasing the number of items they cover. As the app is gradually growing with the number of retailers, it would soon be able to cover more products.

Final Analysis

Looking at Ibotta from one perspective, it is a unique type of app. How many apps or services you could remember out there that pay you genuine money into your PayPal account for shopping.


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