Insults & Flames App Review

flamesInsults have always been the more thrilling media for interacting with buddies. Insulting a friend is fun and creates a tingling feeling that is almost inexpressible. This is precisely what Insults & Flames App helps you achieve – with more notoriety. A nutty app, it can certainly make your day and even for the recipient if he or she takes it coolly.

How it works?

The Insults & Flames App generates some amazing wise cracks that could make even the gravest individuals to break his demeanor.

Download the app onto your phone, install it and generate as many insults as you want and keep sending to everyone who demands to be offended.


You are going to love this app as it can generate an insult for almost every individual around you. You could fire the messages at those who keep bothering you with things that turn you mad.

It creates so many funny jokes that you could even send to your parents. What makes it different is that it has some stunning jokes that could tie down almost anyone’s lips from speaking anything in return. The best thing is that most of the jokes are new and you have never heard before. Another unique thing is that there are few that have never been heard since your third grade.

The insults can really get rude at some point, but the fun factor never seems to go out. If you want to warn out your enemies, Insults & Flames App is the ultimate weapon. You could leave them perplexed with what to reply. The insults can become as ridiculous as possible, touching the limits.

The only decent thing about this app is that there is no offensive language. However, that doesn’t mean that the insults cannot offend anyone. You would love to send across the insults and laughing it out until your belly starts paining.


Some of the users claim that after some time, they could get overloaded with the insults and have to take a break. However, a more specific issue with the Insults & Flames App is that it doesn’t get updated and there is some difficulty sharing it with friends. If it could go beyond this limitation, it could simply start knocking out everyone’s social network. In fact, the sharing issue is the only problem that has been repeatedly raised by the users of this crazy app.

Final Analysis

Insults & Flames is the perfect application that every smart person must have on his/her phone. You would be tired of sending insults to all your friends, but this app wouldn’t stop churning out new ones. It has a symbol that precisely tells what it stands for.

There are a number of insult apps out there, but Insults & Flames have an edge over all of them. It is nutty and full of some of the funniest and wackiest, yet innovative insults that you could come across. It is a must have for everyone who thinks he or she is smarter than his/her friends.


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