Help Jinx Fly Home in Jetpack Jinx by BubbleGum Interactive

If you need to find a really fun Android game that will keeping you rooting for the good guy, then Jetpack Jinx by BubbleGum Interactive is the jetpack jinxone to check out. You will be flying high with the loveable Jinx for hours; always trying to get that better score, or higher height, or trying to unlock all of the achievements and awards. Jetpack Jinx is a wonderful game that will keep any type of gamer glued to their Android device, provided the battery doesn’t die.

The story behind your character Jinx and his Jetpack is pretty straight forward; Jinx was on his flying ship and fell off. Oops! When he lands he nearly gets eaten by a giant Venus Fly Trap, but thanks to his jetpack, Jinx can get away. Jinx needs your help in order to make it back to his friends, can you get him back home?

When you start each level you are slowly going upward with your jetpack, as you climb higher you collect gems that give your jetpack more fuel and keep you going. Make sure you collect as many of the gems as you can or you will fall all the way to the bottom and have to try and get Jinx back home again. Of course the trip back to your flying ship isn’t easy, along the way you’ll run into baddies that want to hurt you and knock you right back down to the bottom…the Big Meanies! Also on your way up you can pick up items and bonuses; like ajetpack jinx knight’s helmet that will protect you once from getting hit on the head, or another helmet that will take you upward and make you invincible for a short time. And there are many more buffs to help you along your way.

You control Jetpack Jinx by tilting your Android device side to side to move Linx around obstacles and into the gems. For a game of its type Jetpack Jinx handles really well and it’s very easy to get the hang of getting your character to where he needs to go. But that by no means makes this an easy game.

As you play Jetpack Jinx you collect coins (they can also be purchased with real money in the Google Play Store) that will allow you to buy just about everything for Jinx. You can buy upgrades to help you in future attempts to escape, new outfits, various ways to make Jinx the way you want him to look, and different pets to help you make the climb to freedom.

Jetpack Jinx is a great game. It will keep you entertained for a long time, always trying to climb higher, and always wanting to own every upgrade. I fully intend to play Jetpack Jinx by BubbleGum Interactive so the foreseeable future because I need to unlock all the achievements.Check Jetpack Jinx out, it’s a completely free game and best of all it has no Ads!

Jetpack Jinx by BubbleGum Interactive


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