Jump through Space with Galaxy Jumper from Boolba Labs


Boolba Labs has put out some very popular Android games over the past year with titles like Smiley Pops and Link It. One of their newest games is called Galaxy Jumper and it’s a puzzler that takes you across three different galaxies set in the coldness of outer space.

Your goal in Galaxy Jumper is to guide the little comet into the exit portal, and you’ll do that by swiping the screen in the direction you want your comet to travel. Once your comet starts, it can’t be stopped so keep that in mind when choosing the best route. As the game takes place in space so you can drift into forever if you’re not careful, luckily for us there are blocks scattered about that can stop your forward motion. There are other objects in the game that can either help or hinder you like the teleporters, gates, corners and touch bombs. Galaxy Jumper gives gamers 70 space themed levels to play, and some of those levels will definitely going to test your resolve. There isn’t much to see in the extras department, but there is a nice tutorial that can help people get into the game quickly.


 There are a few other sliding object puzzle games out there, but Galaxy Jumper has a few things that make it unique. The game has a nice space theme, and I liked the fact that you leave a trail behind you so you can tell where you’ve been. Overall, it’s a cool little game that puzzle fans will definitely want to check out. There is a free (ad supported) version of Galaxy Jumper with 24 levels while the full version is sans the ads and gives you all 70 levels for only $0.99 cents. You can find both versions of Boolba Labs Galaxy Jumper in the Android market.




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