Personal Finance App Review Personal Finance App is an app created by Intuit Inc which brings us the Turbotax website and many other high end finance apps. Mints Personal Finance app is your one stop shop for knowing what is going on what your money. It features budgets, spending graphs, credits, debts and many more great features. You can constantly view your net worth, how much debt you have, and how much total credits you have. It features goals where you can set up budgeting goals if you were to want to buy a house or a car. It can help you save your money and reach your goals financially.


Mints Personal Finance App has tons of awesome features. I set up every account that I have from my Bank Accounts to my car loan accounts. It tracks it all real-time and even alerts you when you have bills coming up. Below are the cons for’s Android App:

  • Vast finance functions
  • Cash budgeting
  • Savings Goals
  • Incorporates all your accounts
  • Bill reminders
  • Finance charge alerts

Cons:’s Personal Finance app does have some cons. It takes a while to update all your accounts (I have at least 8 accounts) and im sure it takes a lot of bandwidth on your phone which if you have a limit, you may be in trouble.

  • Slow account updating
  • Uses a lot of internet bandwidth
  • Uses a good amount of battery power

Final Analysis:

Overall, this is an awesome app to have on your phone. I have found myself constantly updating the app to see how much credit/debt I have and my net worth. Of course, its not as high as I want it to be but its fun to watch it fluctuate. I also love being able to set budgets and see where I’m spending the bulk of my money app. For anyone to likes to know whats going on with their finances, I highly suggest this android app.


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