MovieCat – Android Game Review


MovieCat is a quirky new Android trivia game that combines Movies with cats. Now I’ve never been a huge fan of cats (other than the lolcats) as they’re pretty sneaky, and I’ve just always been a dog guy. Trivia on the other hand, I’m pretty good so I was intrigued to see what Movie Cat was all about. What I found was a great little Trivia game that uses Cats in a very cool way. By the time I had finished a few rounds and got my first “Cat Scene” I was hooked.


Your goal in MovieCat is to go through 5 rounds of movie trivia (25 questions per game), and score as many points as possible. Each time you finish a game you’re awarded with a “Cat Scene” that are stored in your gallery and can be emailed to friends. You get 9 lives to start each game and if you lose them all the game is over. How many lives you lose depends on the level of difficulty you choose; Hard has you losing 1 life for every wrong guess while medium has you losing a life for the 2nd and 3rd wrong guesses. The questions in MovieCat are timed as well, and if you run out of time you’ll lose the maximum number of cat lives for that puzzle. If a puzzle or set of puzzles is too difficult there is a shuffle button that lets you switch the categories up a bit, and you’ll be given three shuffles per game.


There are 14 different categories of questions in MovieCat with Which Three, Screening Room, Movies Misc, Matchmaker, Horror & Sci Fi, DVD Chapters, Dressing Room, Double Feature, Comedy, Clue Cards, Chick Flicks, Cat Chat, Award Winners, and Action & Suspense. The timers are set at different intervals for some of MovieCats categories while others have a unique scoring system due to multiple choice or matchmaking. Most of the categories are straight forward like Horror & Action, but others are setup in some very cool ways. Cat Chat has you guess based off some dialogue from the movie and Screening Room lets you guess based on screenshot based on the movie, but with cats. The Cat Scenes that you unlock by beating a game are very well done; there are 15 in all and I’m hoping they add some more in the future.


After playing the game for what felt like 15 minutes, I realized I had been playing for well over an hour which is never a bad thing. In an hour of gameplay I never got the same question twice, and I really got a kick out of seeing Cats play the part in some of my favorite movies. As a movie buff, I was also pleasantly surprised by some of the movies included like Toys, Kill Bill and Shawshank just to name a few. Overall, I enjoyed MovieCats a lot more than I thought I would and it’s been a blast to play thus far. I highly recommend the game for anyone who loves Movie Trivia or Cats. No free version is available, but you can get the full version for $1.99.


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