my6Sense Android App Gives You a Sensational Way of Reading and Sharing RSS Feeds

There are many rss and social stream readers competing in the market today, with most of them sharing a common feature of providing you with stream of information based on their own social graphs. Not one of them so far has build something that is based on your social feed reading behaviour, until now with the new Android app called my6Sense.

Basically my6Sense is a social recommendation engine that suggests stories in your feed subscriptions as well as direct you to stories shared by your friends on various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz. What makes this Android app interesting is the fact that it gives recommendations based on your “digital intuition.”

Digital intuition is derived from the stories you share, read and comment on. The more you use my6Sense, the more reliable and interesting its recommendations become to your own liking. Now here’s the best part, whenever your likes change, and so will your digital intuition and my6Sense’s recommendations.

Pretty cool, right? So how does it work. Get the app installed on your Android phone, add your streams – that is import RSS feeds, select my6Sense stream bundles then add your social network subscriptions – Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz. From then on, you can sort your social streams based on relevance and view your messages in various ways. And then watch as my6Sense develops into something right fitted to your interest and needs, so much so that there will come a time when everything that you need are really interesting to you.

So there, go check it out. my6Sense is available now as a free download from the Android Market. If you get the app and use it, please share with us your comments on how you find it.


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