Naught – Android Game Review


Alawar Entertainment has put out a slew of popular games over the past year, and they dropped an interesting little Android game a few week backs called Naught. Naught is a 2D platformer that has a unique style and some gravity defying gameplay involving a cool cat named Naught.


Naught is a gravity based game that lets you alter gravity to change your environment so you can move through its stylish black & white landscapes and collect diamonds.  You can “tilt” your environment through two different means; by rotating your device or through virtual buttons and swiping. That’s where the fun and trickiness of the game comes into play as you can literally walk on any surface, and you’ll need to use all of it to avoid the dangers hidden in the bleak landscapes.  You need to snag diamonds to advance to the next level, and you’ll also need to collect seeds to open save portals and seed doors.


Naught comes with 30 levels in all with each being a bit more difficult than the last. You have to snag all 3 diamonds to advance, but individual levels can be unlocked by downloading and launching other games. Alternatively, the all 30 levels can be unlocked via an in-app purchase for $0.99. There aren’t any extras to speak of but you can see the story behind Naught laid out in 3 chapters by clicking a little black tab at the bottom left on the main screen.


I’ve liked most of the games Alawar Entertainment has put out, but Naught has got to be my favorite so far. The game has a great look to it and the levels themselves can be very tricky to get through. It may be very bare in the extras department, but the way you actually play Naught and the design are what makes the game awesome… not the leaderboards and achievements. Blue Shadow Games & Alawar did a great job with Naught and it’s a game I highly recommend everyone check out. You can pick up Naught for free in the Android market.


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