PhoneWeaver Profile Manager Android App Review

Want to have a cool profile manager app for your Android phone? Check out PhoneWeaver profile manager app which is currently available from the Android Marketplace for $6.99. Basically, what this Android app does is to let you define smart profiles.

By smart we mean, the profiles having the ability to be activated automatically at a pre-determined time, agenda, power connection or even location. Even more fun is the fact that each of the profiles you create can fully control your phone sound settings, notifications, communication and more. You can even set the app to launch specific apps on your Android phone using various phone conditions.

A good example on how you can use PhoneWeaver is if you want your Android phone to automatically shift to silent mode at particular time of the night, and then turn the sound back ON when you wake up in the morning. You can also trigger this when you are in specific locations or based on meeting entries on your phone’s calendar.

Got the drift on what this app is all about? If not, here are the highlights of what this Android app can do:

  • Automated Profiles – Create smart profiles that are activated manually or automatically based on time, agenda, connections or location!
  • Smart Profiles – Each of PhoneWeaver’s profiles fully controls every aspect of your phone, including full sounds control, communication and additional advanced options, such as ability to launch applications, control your screen brightness and more!
  • Widget – PhoneWeaver comes with a Home Screen Widget, helping you view and switch profiles easily
  • Top Bar Notification – PhoneWeaver places a top bar icon indicating the currently selected profile, making it clearly visible no matter what application are you currently using, and even when your device is locked!

Clear? If you’re still not ready to purchase the full version of this app, check out the free trial version from the Android Marketplace. Once you feel like getting the full version of the app, you can do so inside the app itself.

So, if you’re tired of your Android phones interface for setting profiles as well as switching from one to another, you will definitely find PhoneWeaver a worthy addition to your colleciton of Android apps.


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