Ping: 8-bits of Puzzle Fun by Christopher Arnold

Who needs all that crazy HD and 3D graphics when you can have a classic-looking game like Ping? Answer: Not this guy, and ping: 8-bit puzzle gameprobably not you either; developer Christopher Arnold did an outstanding job creating a game that looks and feels like a classic Atari game but is actually something completely new.This simple looking 8-bit game will have you hooked from the start because you will quickly realize it’s not as simple as it seems.

The game play of Ping is pretty straightforward; you control the little white box by aiming its direction and speed and try to get to the oranges in as few bounces as possible. When playing Ping I thought it was quite funny to see nothing but colored boxes on the screen as you’d see in a classic Atari game, except those oranges that are your goal. Why oranges?

Each level in Ping has a maximum number of times you can bounce your white box off of the walls and other objects, if you exceed that number you’ve got to try again. This Android game starts off pretty simple but gets very challenging very quickly, which will get you scratching your head trying to figure out the key to passing each level.

ping: 8-bit puzzle gameFinal Thoughts: Ping boasts a total of 56 levels of play; with that many levels combined with the 8-bit challenging play, plus a really great soundtrack by Link the Fire the Pinging fun will go on for what seems like forever. Ping by Christopher Arnold has limited Ads, but the placement of the Ads is really the only downside I’ve encountered with the game as the Ads show right in the middle of the screen in between each level.

So if you like 8-bit games, (and seriously who doesn’t) go download Ping and Ping yourself a good time.

Ping – The 8-bit Puzzle Game


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