Pocket formerly Read It Later Android App Review

I remember using Read It Later when it was released for Android not so long ago. But I used it just once and never looked at the app since then. That was then, but recently, Read It Later was renamed and relaunched as the app called – Pocket. I immediately installed the app and so far I find it more enticing to use. I don’t what the developers did to the app but I can see myself using it more now than before. What is Pocket? For those who have not heard or used Read It Later before, what is now known as the Pocket Android app is a pretty nifty app for saving and viewing articles while  you Android phone or tablet is online so that you can read it later at your own leisure time. Pocket syncs what you saved with your phone, tablet or computer so that you can read it later online or offline. Take note that you can only read articles offline but not view videos or listen to audio. Hopefully, this gets activated later on. Features of Pocket With a simple app such as Pocket, it would take some hard work on the design part to make Pocket a pretty interesting app. Thankfully, the app developer knows this and created a reading app that is easy on the eyes, well-organized and nice-to-view format. The app gives you a list of previews of the web pages you’ve saved in a simple format. It also gives you a search box up top so that you can search for items that you saved quickly. You can search for items by title or URL. Using Pocket As soon as you’ve installed Pocket Android app, you will be asked to create an account. Once you’ve done this requirement you can start adding web content to your Pocket account. Once you’ve saved any web pages, you can view it later on using your dekstop browser, your iOS device (if you have one) and of course on your Android device. Verdict For a simple app, one can’t argue the fact that Pocket is a very useful app to install on your Android phone or tablet. If you’re too busy with your daily life that you misses reading online stuff that interest you, you certainly need to have Pocket Android app. Pocket Android app is available now as a free download on Google Play.  


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