Poke A Mole, because moles are EVIL!

Poke a Mole could not be any more descriptive than what its name implies. In this Android app literally, you open up the app and poke some darn dirty moles back into the ground where they came from. There are different levels of course to make it harder like adding more moles to poke or making it faster paced, but overall addicting to say the least.

As a gamer I do appreciate the complexities and intricacies of the story line and mind blowing graphics, but I’ll tell you right now this game has none of that. Some games are meant for deep involving game-play and others are meant as a simple mindless¬† way to fill the void between the train ride to work and home. Our not-so-friendly moles fall into this latter category which makes this game perfect for short periods of non-committal gaming.

So what do you do? You poke the moles when they pop up on the screen to make them shudder at the power of your mighty index finger. You can also compete for high scores over the Android world network if you like a competitive game. Overall, this game will probably make for some of the best 3 minutes of your day if you ever get bored.


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