Put your Skills to the Test with Pixel Towers from The Grey Studios


There have been quite a few Tower building games pop up lately and we just got another one with a game from The Grey Studios called Pixel Towers. As you might expect the game involves some pixely towers which is pretty cool in itself, but the way you build those towers and play the game makes Pixel Towers very unique.

Unlike most Tower Building games Pixel Towers is an Arcade game and it’s a game that’s going to hit you fast and furious. When you fire up the game you’ll see a girder holding a hanging “floor” of your new tower go zipping back and forth across the screen. You simply touch the screen to drop the floor wherever you want it and up goes your tower. As soon as one floor drops another one appears and so you’ll want to stack the floors directly on top of each other the best you can. If you’re aim is off you’ll lose part of the floor you dropped and when you get down to nothing or miss completely it’s game over. Pixel Towers is pretty sparse in the extras department, but you will see some power-ups of sorts during gameplay that definitely make things interesting.


Pixel Towers is an awesome quick-play game that’s very addictive and difficult to put down. There’s no time limit and you can drop the floor whenever you want, but it’s still a frustratingly fun game. Pixel Towers is free with no ads or in-app purchases (nice job guys), but if you want to show your support you can buy the donation edition of Pixel Towers dubbed Cookies & Beer. It’s the same game as the free version but your purchase will help the developers by allowing them to enjoy some cookies & beer while they work on their next game. Great little game and you can pick it up in the Android market.


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