Quell – Android Game Review


Like a good Puzzle game? If you do, then look no further than Quell from Fallen Tree Games. Quell is an awesome little puzzler that will keep you entertained with its Zen like atmosphere and it’s unique style. It’s also a game that’s simple to pick up and play, but very difficult to put down…


The controls in Quell are simple; you swipe the screen to move the raindrop and collect the pearls. Your raindrop can’t change directions once it’s in motion, and is only stopped by the blocks shown on the screen. Once you collect all the pearls on the screen the level’s over and you move on. The challenge comes in the form of gates and spikes. Once you pass through an open gate they’ll close which changes things up a bit, and spikes… well they’ll pop your raindrop. You can use as many moves as you like to finish each puzzle which definitely adds to the Zen like effect of the game, as there’s no need to hurry.  That being said, there is a “perfect moves” number shown for each level, and if you get that you’ll get a hint coin.


The levels are presented in frames which are shown in a bookcase with each shelf labeled by year. Each frame has a scene and when you click it you’ll be presented with 4 puzzles in a window frame. It’s a really nice touch and a very unique way to do the backgrounds of each puzzle. In all there are 84 levels spanning seven different years. If you get stuck, Quell has a hint system where you can buy “Unlock Solutions” for hint coins. You start out with 4 coins and will receive one every time you complete a level with a perfect score. Quell also has an Awards system with around 30 different achievements to unlock.


I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games, but Quell is a definitely a different kind of puzzler. Even though I had to use the hint coins on several levels, I never really got too frustrated thanks in part to the calming music from Steven Cravis. Quell also had plenty of levels to play, and I actually enjoyed going back through the game to try and get the perfect score on levels I missed the first go round. Overall, Quell is a great puzzler with just the right level of difficulty, and a soothing atmosphere that keeps you coming back for more. No free version is available, but the paid version is a deal at $1.58.


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