Quick App Review: Color Grab by Loomatix

Whether you’re painting a wall or picking out a shirt, colors play an important part in our lives. If you’re “shade blind” like me an app like Color Grab can come in handy as it allows you to quickly find the perfect color every time. Color Grab uses your phone or tablets camera to “grab” any color that it finds, and all you need to do is point and tap the screen. When you hover over an object with a color you like the app shows that colors stats in real-time including the name and tint along with the RGB and HSV values. When you tap anywhere in the preview pane the app grabs a swatch of color and saves it to your palette where you can view it at your convenience. Color Grab has a few other handy features as well as it allows you to switch and use your front camera and uses your flash for illumination if you’re in a dark spot. Color Grab is a handy little app, especially if you’re like me and can’t tell one shade from the next. The app has a whopping 1300 colors in its library to draw from and it’s very easy to use. The app picked the right shade 99% of the time, but you will need decent lighting in certain situations. That being said it nailed the color on my Orange Sakura Shrimp (while it was moving) in a tank full of water with low lighting which was pretty impressive. If you’d like to give it a go you can pick up Loomatix’s Color Grab for free on Google Play.


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