Quick Review: Autodesks Instuctables App for Android

Instructables.android Some of us have a bit of MacGyver in our blood, while others can’t use a hammer. Skillset’s aside, Instructables is a great site for cool projects, and last week the official Instructables app hit Google Play.instructables.1-android If you’ve never heard of Instructables here’s a little background. The Instructables site is a playground for DIY enthusiasts as it’s crammed full of great ideas on everything from cookies to compost. Seriously, those are just two of many categories on the site. The Instructables app gives you access to all the awesome projects on-site, and needless to say there’s a little something for everyone. The Instructables app is easy on the eyes, and everything is laid out neatly into categories/subcategories so accessing projects is easy peasy. One the left side of the screen you’ve got a button that brings up a menu full of options including the ability to search and explore new projects, get in on contests or check out projects you’re following. Instructables is all about creating, and thanks to the app you’ll be able to post new Instructables straight from your phone or tablet. Whether you’re browsing, following, or listing a new Instructable, the app has you covered and it makes navigating the site a breeze.


The Instructables site is one of my personal favorites, and there’s no end to the cool projects you can find on-site. Autodesk did an awesome job with the Instructables app, and I could find no flaw in its design or setup; everything has been handled with care and it shows. If you love working on DIY projects or just dig cool stuff like Banana Oxidation Art, Zelda Cakes or Laser Tattoos the Instructables app is just the thing for you. You can pick up Autodesk’s Instructables app for free on Google Play.



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