Quick Review – Chuash ’em for Android


Chuash ‘em is a quirky new whack a mole style Android game from developer Felipe Zuleta. Instead of whacking moles you’ll try to tap cute little animals before they hide while avoiding Urchins and collecting power-ups.

You start out with 3 crates and as the level progresses more crates are added until you get up to 9. Chule the dog along with a spiky urchin will randomly start popping in & out of boxes, and you’ll want to tap Chule, but not the urchin as the pop up. You can do a single tap or a swipe for combos if there are multiple Chule’s on the screen. There are several other characters that can be unlocked or purchased like the Cow, Pig, and Sheep. Chaush ‘em also has three different modes of play with Arcade, Mini Goals, and Multiplayer.


While I didn’t spend a lot of time with the game, but Chuash ‘em seems like a nice quick play game that folks should enjoy. The gameplay was nothing special, but I did enjoy the graphics and characters in the game.  Chuash ‘em is “free”, but limits you to Arcade mode while the full version gives you everything and can be unlocked through an in-app purchase for $1.90. You can pick up Felipe Zuleta’s Chuash ‘em in the Android market for free.


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