Quick Review: DayZ Central from Skunkfu

dayz.central-androidIf you’re a gamer, and you love zombies you’ve no doubt heard of DayZ. day.z-central-1If not, you’re seriously missing out. The DayZ Central app gives you all the information you’ll ever need on the zombie filled land of Chernarus, and in a game like DayZ information is key to staying alive. DayZ is an awesome mod for ARMA 2, and it really gives you a realistic taste of what it would be like if the world were overrun by zombies. Basically it would suck, and you would be under constant threat from the undead and other survivors. It’s won numerous awards (with good reason), and there’s a standalone version that should hit Alpha this June. The Dayz Central app gives you valuable information on the land of Chernarus, and it’s a must-have kind of app if you play the game. The DayZ Central app has a nice HD Map of Chernarus and gives you access to the “Loot Database” which gives you info on weapons, vehicles, and equipment in the game. There are also several different guides, community maps (via a map pack), and you can set your own waypoint markers which can be extremely handy. You get all of that in the free version, and if you want to go Pro you get access to loot locations and loot tables which can help you determine spawn rates.Screenshot_2013-04-12-14-25-30 There are a couple of different DayZ apps out there, but DayZ Central quickly became my favorite. The layout is easy to navigate, it’s full of great information, and it receives frequent updates. The regular version is also completely ad-free which is nice. There are a few tweaks I’d like to see made as a fan, but overall it’s a terrific app and very useful if you play DayZ. You can pick up Skunkfu’s DayZ Central for free, and if you like what you see the Pro version will only set you back $1.49.

DayZ Central


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